Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I got what I wanted...I guess that means I get to go again.

Here's what's happening:

I am getting what I want.

And.... Yikes.

I mean it.  Have you ever outlined what you really want, be it things, opportunities, activities, or talents?

First of all, let me just say that it has been truly difficult choosing what I want enough to focus all my attention on making that happen. Whether it be new pans, a bottle of Martinelli's, learning a new song on the piano, or a sword. Sure, it's easy to say, "Ooo, that would be nice!" It's totally another thing to actually have the guts to look at a picture of it and say to your brain, "I want that.  Get me THAT. NOW."

And that's only the first two steps in the process!!!

Some amazing things are happening in my life, things that in many ways I have been waiting for and afraid of for many many years. I'm getting what I wanted. And it's interesting to see it in those terms. 

Because what having a Vision Board has really taught me, is that I have always gotten what I wanted.  I just didn't tell myself about it first.

Ever get to the end of a shopping trip and wonder "How did marshmallows, 10 lbs of $3.99/lb grapes, four candy bars and a stuffed camel end up in my cart?"  (Let's hope your list is different than mine, but I"m pretty sure you catch the drift.)

When we go shopping without a list, we end up grabbing whatever "looks good."  And it can get even worse than that.  Sometimes I have actually bought and paid for things, only to get home and realize that I had picked up only cereal the kids liked, or that I already had a box of hair dye.  Two, in fact. Ugh!  Now I've spent my money on things I didn't need and can't sustain me!

This has been my life in many ways.  I have gone shopping in the universe without a list.  And then I wonder how I ended up with all this stuff I don't need and don't really want.

Well, now I've made a list. I take the list to the store. I'm actually getting what I want.  Now, God is in the picture for me, so sometimes it's what I want, though not exactly in the way I was expecting...but I'm still getting what I want.

I feel nervacited for the future. (That's nervous and excited, for those who are not familiar with My Little Pony).  Because in a world where I can and do get what I want, well, that's just brilliant!


  1. nervicited?! Love it. Have you heard the word "exhaustipated?" It means: too tired to give a crap. :D Okay. that said...woohoo! I love the analogy of the shopping cart/store...and shopping in the universe without a list. BRILLIANT!!

  2. Love it. Especially, that you're willing to share. Yes, more please.