Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Looking Up

A few years ago I was advised to “write happy.” This advice came on the tail of my Life Coach having read - of his own free will - a whole book of poetry I’d written in my youth/teenage years.
I told him that I knew more about pain and misery.
And even as I said the words, I knew they were a lie…I just didn’t know why. 
Enter Kirk Duncan, Kim Duncan, Ann Washburn and the 3 Key Elements (a wondiferous company if there every was one!)
(For imagery sake, see Kirk enter stage left with his arms open, palms up, a big, sincere smile on his face. Kim enters stage right with her gentle yet powerful sashay and dressed to the nines, complete with eye-catching necklaces. And Ann, powerfully listening, is backstage this particular time as the capable, encouraging, places-calling stage manager. The Elements themselves were flown in from above, sparklers whirling on the edges of the banner (which means there was someone like Wayne or Kevin or one of the myriad of other fantastic employees back there working the pulleys).
I bet it was dazzling and the music was playing the first time. So why didn’t I see it? I didn’t see it because I was looking down.
Yeah, they’ve made an entrance at least three times.
But this time it was all of them … and this time I looked up

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