Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I am Frodo

Who did Sauron send to stop Frodo and get the ring?
Did he send his gentlest orc or lowliest pencil-pushing tree imp? Nope.
He sent these guys.
And then he sent these guys.
Then, when that wasn’t enough, he sent these guys.
And when that failed, he sent a friendly, pathetic spy hoping to slowly poison the hero…
And when that didn’t seem to be enough, he called out and amassed an army, leveling a full scale assault.  He came at Frodo with all he had.
Do you really think Satan is any different?
He may start small, he may even start strong, but he shows his hand as he starts to panic. 
Because, look, you’ve got a mission.
You have both friends and family who love you
as well as allies who know and support your mission.
You’ve got support you don’t even KNOW you have.
They’ve got your back in a big way.
You are strong and your message gives you power to influence others.
It will be tough.
And you can’t save everyone … maybe you can’t save anyone.
Maybe it will be too much…
But remember that you have a stalwart companion who signed up for this.
He sees your struggles, cries for you, and wants nothing more than to help carry your burdens.
And if it really gets to be too much, well, he’ll carry you.
And then he’ll rejoice with you and heal with you.

And It will look like this(hint: you are the child)


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