Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Expression is the antidote to my Depression

I attended “Master Your Influence” in February.
Kirk kept asking people if they had their vision boards up at home.  I did not, because the last time I had, I was only able to take off 2 things before “life happened,” and then I just got really mad that the painters tape would so easily peel off my sueded walls. I had thrown out my vision board about 8 months ago, actually. Scrapped the whole thing.
On the way home from the last day, I thought about putting up a board and felt distinctly that it was not the right time. Which may sound mad…but if it was one thing Kirk had taught me, it was to follow inspiration. 
Fast forward through two weeks of keeping an “Inspiration Journal” and a “decisions journal” and a “drawing journal” and it hit me one day, “Put up your vision board; one for everyone in the family.”
So I did. We even had a Family Night about it. But this time I used cork boards. WAY better for the walls, I can tell you.
And the very next day, well, I got me some evidence that Vision Boards are powerful. 
1. I finally had something to put in my “Black Journal” which I actually call “Comment Prison.” Yeah, about 65 somethings… wow.
2. The idea I’ve been waiting for for over 7 months, it came to me!  The very reason I started the Inspiration Journal, the reason I put up the Vision Board!  It came THAT FAST. And it was - LITERALLY - idea 101.  What does that mean?
That means I LITERALLY had ONE HUNDRED other ideas/inspirations that needed to be expressed FIRST, before the one I was looking for could come out.
Wow, right?  
And that sort of breakthrough just scared the garbage out of Dot People. 

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